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The main products as the following list, brushless DC cooling fan, AC heat dissipation fan, customized fans for special industries and so on.

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The principle of the cooling fan

  • Author:admin
  • Time:2019-10-08 10:56
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  • AC cooling fan design principle: the distinction between AC fan and DC fan fan. The first electric source is an AC power source, and the electric current has a positive-negative transition.
    Unlike the DC fan's current, it must rely on circuit control to facilitate the operation of the two coils to create a different magnetic field.
    Considering that the electric frequency of the AC fan is fixed, the magnetic pole transition rate caused by the silicon steel sheet is determined by the frequency of the electric source. The higher the frequency, the faster the magnetic field conversion rate, and the faster the basic principle, as the DC fan number is larger, the rate is faster and consistent.
    However, the frequency is not too fast, too fast will make activation difficult. All of the people's computer radiators are DC's true love powder.
    Typically, a good fan is critical to investigate wind volume, grace, voice, service life, and what kind of fan bearing is used.
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