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Dc brushless fan structure: mainly can be divided into rotor, stator

Issuing time:2019-08-28 11:41

Cooling fan authority experts know that if we disassemble the motor of the DC cooling fan, we can see that the DC cooling fan uses a frequency conversion motor, which can be identified from the position of the electromagnetic coil.

The inverter motor controls the circuit board, and the control chip integrates DSP function and driver equipment, simplifying the power supply circuit structure. According to the control of power supply chip programming, can change the motor speed.

Everybody has that kind of confusion, notebook is used for a long time, notebook reflection will be slow, the network will also change card, check the network and no problem, so the problem is in what place?

In fact, it is also a computer cooling problem. Notebook running for a long time, the temperature will rise, especially in summer, the temperature is too high, then the joint will identify fatigue and deceleration, to alleviate this problem, add a DC fan to the notebook can be completely solved.

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