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Classification and structure of brushless DC cooling fan

Issuing time:2019-08-28 11:40

Brushless DC fan structure: can be divided into rotor, stator, frame, motor (motor) these four main parts and some other fragmentary parts

First, the fan rotor part:

Including fan fan blade, is the core of air flow, cooling fan axis, used to support the balance of fan blade rolling, rotor magnetic ring, permanent magnet, promoting magnetic level switch speed key, magnetic ring outer frame, fixed magnetic ring

Second, the fan stator part:

Including supported springs, separate bearing balance shaft, bearing, provide high speed, low friction, long life rotation, buckle ring, fixed tuberculosis rotation of the whole part, motor part, production of rotation direction, dynamic size of rotation speed key

Third, the heat dissipation fan frame:

Support fan motor and flow guide;

Fourth, fan motor part

Including circuit board, control energy consumption and signal in and out, silicon steel sheet (namely stator magnet, attached to winding coil) magnetic level propulsion switch, silicon steel sheet, upper and lower cover, fixed and insulator.

Brushless DC cooling fan

According to the different bearings, it can be divided into four types: 1. Single ball bearing brushless fan, 2. Hydraulic bearing brushless fan, 4. Nano bearing brushless fan four. Brushless DC fan specifications are generally 6cm, 7cm, 8cm, 9cm, a few radiator began to use 12cm super diameter fan, fan size and specifications are usually marked with four numbers.

The above is the structure and classification of brushless DC fan, three professional production and development of cooling fans, DC fans, and all walks of life fans. Excellent quality, affordable, can be customized for you free of charge products, free samples, fast emergence, brand merchants, after-sales service is guaranteed, welcome to consult and understand, but also look forward to and you have a happy cooperation.

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