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Talent Concept
Talent standard: attitude x ability x effort
The company emphasizes that human capital appreciation is better than financial capital appreciation, and human resource management should support the company's future vision, mission and competitive advantage.
●Attitude is the first. Positive attitudes include: fairness, honesty, cheerfulness, courage, modesty, kindness, self-denial, altruism, etc. It is the presentation of individual values; if the attitude is negative, nothing can be said.
●Competence refers to innate intelligence and physical strength, which is the inner part of the person, and can also be promoted through the efforts of the day after tomorrow;
●Efforts also vary from person to person. The lazy man who is full of food and do nothing, or the model of forgetting my work, will inevitably be different.

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Kingmot Electrical Machinery (Suzhou ) Co., Ltd.
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